Our teachers

Jonathan Baker - Head Teacher

Our head Teacher is Jonathan Baker, who was born in the South East of England near the famous university town of Cambridge. Jonathan has been teaching English as a foreign language now for over 20 years in The Czech Republic including 11 years at a Czech High School. After leaving school, Jonathan followed in his Father’s footsteps and joined the British Royal Navy and studied Marine Engineering . After his studies Jonathan travelled all over the world with The Royal Navy. Jonathan served in the Gulf war of 1991 serving on the British minesweeper command ship.

Martina Baker

Martina has over 15 years experience teaching at all levels of English. Martina lived and worked in England for many years and has gained perfect knowledge of the English language and makes her a perfect teacher for beginners. In her free time Martina enjoys reading and sport.

  • English
  • Česky
Please contact Jonathan:
(in Czech or English language)
Phone: 777 988 845
Email: info@jb-english.cz